Technology Roundtable

Newton vs. iPad, Altavista vs. Google, Pokémon Go vs. ?: Investigating the effects of technology in fast changing environments

New technologies are an important influence on consumers’ thoughts and actions. However, studying these influences is not without its challenges. Certain technologies (e.g., blockchain, 3D printing) may not have strong consumer applications yet, while other technologies (e.g., VR) may be in transition. Studying the effects of these technologies in meaningful and lasting ways often requires a multi-disciplinary approach, yet that approach may create unique challenges in the review process.

This session will bring together round table leaders and session attendees to share their experiences and best practices around these topics.

Round table leaders are:

  1. Alixandra Barasch (University of Colorado)
  2. Andrea Bonezzi (NYU)
  3. Leif Brandes (University of Lucerne)
  4. Noah Castello (University of Alberta)
  5. Kristin Diehl (University of Southern California)
  6. Rebecca Hamilton (Georgetown University)
  7. Christian Hildebrand (University of St. Gallen)
  8. Cait Lamberton (University of Pennsylvania)
  9. Chiara Longoni (Boston University)
  10. Martin Schreier (WU Vienna)

Kristin Diehl
USC Marshall School of Business