Engaging in Application-Inspired Research

Academic researchers often pursue research with limited bearing on application. By contrast, this session calls for a closer connection between academics and practitioners to spark more externally relevant work. Such application-inspired research could provide better consumer insight and enhanced guidance to consumers, managers, and policy makers. First, Bernd Schmitt will present the journal editor’s perspective, which is to encourage the publication of impactful research that provides theoretical and substantive insight as well as actionable recommendations for various stakeholders. Next, Maarten Bos will showcase the industry researcher’s perspective, with a first-row view of important problems to spark novel and meaningful research endeavors. Last, Alex Bleier will turn to the academic researcher’s perspective, reflecting on practical aspects of collaborations with firms. The speakers will not only talk about benefits of application-inspired research in the abstract but also give examples of actual initiatives and successful endeavors. In addition, there will be ample time for questions and audience involvement.

Maarten Bos
Snap Inc.

Bernd Schmitt
Columbia University

Alexander Bleier
Frankfurt School of Finance & Management